Brighter Death Now at The Acheron, 18 Oct ‘14.

Raison d’être at The Acheron, 18 Oct ‘14.

Deutsch Nepal at The Acheron, 18 Oct ‘14.

Thanks to work discounts I now own a bathing suit for the first time since I was 14 (a black bikini) and a pair of “jeggings,” which I will never refer to by that horrid word again.

Pretty sure some little girl in my fitting room today was named “Clitorah.”

Diabolical bro-hug.

Sad anthropomorphic machine.

Sad anthropomorphic machine.

Monty by the window.

A clip from something called Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults

In which a man with a godawful mullet spouts some ludicrous fuckery about “Satanism” in the park.

New Madame Deficit track: a Charles Manson cover featuring samples from school shooter TJ Lane’s sentencing and field recordings of me just literally banging on metal. This could be the most ~total~ thing ever. I also sing on it.